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WTF is WRONG with this country?

So, to recap:

--Least popular president. Ever.
--Gratuitous throwbacks to Great Depression, Vietnam War, Nixon, and Woodrow Wilson's religious zealotry every day on the news.
--Too many scandals to count. At least the equivalent of Watergate, five times over.
--Failing economy, foreclosures, most expensive healthcare in the world.
--Environment is disintegrating before our eyes, frogs and honeybees (who make just about every fruit we eat possible, by the way) are dropping like flies (ha!), and the polar bears...well, let's just say that those overcrowded zoo cages with daily fresh food are going to look awfully comfortable very soon.
--At least three Supreme Court justices (all liberals) past the average age of life expectancy. Stevens is 87. Eighty-seven. Roberts and Alito will be there for another 30+ years, and they've already managed to set women's rights and the environment and civil rights back by a quarter of a century.

We have a war hero (Remember Kerry? No one else seems to.) who doesn't know how to use a COMPUTER much less the internet beyond "doing a Google," a man who owns between SEVEN and NINE houses -- his staff can't seem to agree, and he just can't remember -- and who thinks that the upper class starts at five million dollars a year income.

As his running mate, he's picked a book-banning, earmark-flip-flopping corrupt self-described hockey mom who doesn't believe in a woman's right to choose, even if it's a case of rape, incest, or probable death from childbirth.

Incidentally, the RNC publically endorsed Palin's views on abortion as part of its charter, saying that it opposes abortion even when the birth will threaten the mother's life, not to mention the rape/incest cases.

The conservatives haven't got anything, and they know they haven't got anything, so they let their bloggers launch racist attacks, decry anyone who questions the VP nominee's experience or judgement as 'sexist' when it's a legitimate question, and generally lie about how Obama is a Big Liberal, when in fact he's nearly as centrist as Clinton, if not more so.

So what happens?


...Did I miss the lack of Earth Logic here?


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