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Garb creation and mending are underway, the tent dags are coming along at pace, and I am simultaneously cleaning the garage/house so that I can have a garage sale. This cleaning will accomplish three goals at once:

1. I will be forced to sell stuff I don’t need when i discover I have no room for it.

2. I will make some money.

3. It’s good exercise. (The weather has also been unbearably hot, but I work mostly in the shade.

When I move, timeline unknown, I hope I will have the good sense to keep everything organized from the start. Life is so much better when you commit to cleaning weekly. I won’t describe in lurid detail the horrors of cleaning a mice-infested garage out that’s been left messy for a decade, but I guarantee you that it is gross. I thought my parents would never want to have their house look like their parents’, but it seems I was wrong. Having seen the cumulative effects of aging, multiple pets, and slovenliness, I will never let my future family live like that. It doesn’t help that we rarely throw anything out. This is my weakness, too: I scrapbook, I save, and I collect. But I do organize my stuff.

This year, I will finally finish that fully-boned washable corset that’s been sitting around for two years. All it needs is the edging. I am also planning on making Mary of Burgundy’s black and gold portrait gown, redoing my 2005 masquerade ball costume, and finishing a couple of other pieces. Lots and lots of work ahead over the next few weeks.

If I've enlightened, inspired or enslaved your mind, please consider buying me a tea. Hell, just buy me one anyway. I'm still poor.

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