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Garb creation and mending are underway, the tent dags are coming along at pace, and I am simultaneously cleaning the garage/house so that I can have a garage sale. This cleaning will accomplish three goals at once:

1. I will be forced to sell stuff I don’t need when i discover I have no room for it.

2. I will make some money.

3. It’s good exercise. (The weather has also been unbearably hot, but I work mostly in the shade.

When I move, timeline unknown, I hope I will have the good sense to keep everything organized from the start. Life is so much better when you commit to cleaning weekly. I won’t describe in lurid detail the horrors of cleaning a mice-infested garage out that’s been left messy for a decade, but I guarantee you that it is gross. I thought my parents would never want to have their house look like their parents’, but it seems I was wrong. Having seen the cumulative effects of aging, multiple pets, and slovenliness, I will never let my future family live like that. It doesn’t help that we rarely throw anything out. This is my weakness, too: I scrapbook, I save, and I collect. But I do organize my stuff.

This year, I will finally finish that fully-boned washable corset that’s been sitting around for two years. All it needs is the edging. I am also planning on making Mary of Burgundy’s black and gold portrait gown, redoing my 2005 masquerade ball costume, and finishing a couple of other pieces. Lots and lots of work ahead over the next few weeks.

If I've enlightened, inspired or enslaved your mind, please consider buying me a tea. Hell, just buy me one anyway. I'm still poor.

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One of my projects for my audition was in several stages of construction on Thursday. I want to add some brocade detail to the hem and put in a wire support for the bust so that the fabric is pulled straight, but frankly, I'm more concerned with finishing my audition tape and the other two pieces. Brocade has to be one of the hardest types of fabric to sew in the history of garment construction. I feel like I ought to be using an industrial sewing machine to staple the darn pieces together. Plus, brocades leave strings and frayed edges all over the place, so I have bits of microscopic tinsel and synthetic fiber sticking to EVERYTHING everywhere. I vacuumed once, and my office is already covered in brocade thread again.

I thought I'd post a couple of pictures from last week. They're both 375x500 pixels. Keep in mind that the piece is not finished here--the waist isn't sewn yet, the seams aren't flattened, the collar straps are not attached, etc.

Art Deco Dress )


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