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I managed to burn my arm badly enough to lose several layers of skin last week because of a steam burn. Ouch. Steam burns are so much worse than hot water burns, because the energy given off when the steam converts back to water is released into the tissues of the skin. The wound felt hot for nearly a week after I scalded it. Typing was painful. Moving was painful.

I have two audio episodes that need to be recorded ASAP. Unfortunately, my campaigning work and the damn Mid-Atlantic allergens have cut down on my ability to speak for hours at a time, so I’m trying to do one a day.

I’ve been helping our local Obama regional manager to do phone banking and I just canvassed for the first time since 2004 on Wednesday. Not many bad experiences, although there was one guy who gave “he’s a smartass” as an explanation as to why he doesn’t like Obama. (Okaaaaay… why? Because he’s actually smart?) So far so good.

I’m working on four different novel ides right now, partly because I’m stalled on my vampire novel. Maybe I should just mock SMeyer and do the opposite of everything she did? Y/Y? XD

My solution to writer’s block is simple: do something else. Anything else, as long as it eats up your time. Then the frustration at not having time to wrte builds up into an explosion of prose — SUPER IMPATIENCE SMASH!  – and my word count increases dramatically. And there is much rejoicing. Hurray.

Off to canvas more now. Sigh. I hope I’m losing some weight doing this, because damn, our neighborhoods are ex-urban sprawl.

If I've enlightened, inspired or enslaved your mind, please consider buying me a tea. Hell, just buy me one anyway. I'm still poor.

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