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Yep. Title pretty much says it all. I'm assisting Glenn Casale with a production of Beauty & the Beast that goes up in less than 48 hours. I have worked for ten hours on average evey single day of this week, taking notes for a soap opera star turned-Belle Mandy Bruno, Brad Little (aka the Phantom in the PotO National Tour--I'm just now realizing that I have a playbill from when I saw him, twice, in Rochester, NY in 1996), Brian Noonan and a truckload of extremely talented people. Half of the time I'm scared shitless (excuse my language, but there was no proper way to express that and accurately convey my meaning), and half of the time I'm just rushing to keep the pace. Apparently, Glennis impressed at my choice of college and myconcentration in folk & myth, and he just so happens to be taking the script of Camelot, rewriting it to his taste with the permission of the authors/copyright holders, and directing it on a national tour. Lancelot, Arthur & Guinevere, man. They're me. They're my THING, you know? He wants to keep in touch and talk about Malory and T.H. White. I'm wondering if I'm dreaming and going to wake up.

Meanwhile, I had a political discussion with one of the other principals in BatB. He's hilarious onstage, but it was so relieving to talk to someone in theater who understands exactly how important politics are to everything and how underlying messages permeate the smallest personal aspects of our lives, whether we like it or not.

Yes, talking politics among thespians is mostly preaching to the choir, but there's a big difference between merely having an opinion and fighting for one, and that distinction in today's dysfunctional society is a critical one. I;ve met plenty of intelligent, passionate people, many of them artists, who have expressed absolutely no interest in voting because they don't (or didn't) believe that it would affect them. Six years ago, I was the same, and I would have said that was an acceptable opinion.

That was six years ago.

Sometimes I'd rather argue with an extremely authoritarian, young-earth Creationist social conservative than a person who doesn't care about any issue besides gas prices. At least I'd know that no matter how misguided we thought each other to be, we both gave a damn about the past, our present, and other people's futures.

That night, I found out that I had just watch a Law & Order rerun with a familiar name in the guest credits. Bingo. Same guy. I kind of just sat there for a minute. Then I went, "Oh. ...Wow." Then I fell into bed.

Occasionally I type up bits and pieces of my novels on my PDA during breaks and intermissions. It's better than nothing. The progress is definitely slower, though I suppose that can't be helped. The sacrifice is well worth it.

Except, of course in the moments after I've spilled my boss's coffee all over the dance floor. Nice going, idiot. Luckily, he forgot about it five minutes later. :D
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So, the four show I will be working on as the assistant to the director ( four separate directors) are:

Disney's Beauty & The Beast
42nd Street
7 Brides For 7 Brothers

I know one of these very very well, and I'm familiar with the soundtrack to the Disney production (or at least part of it, as in "Home"). The CLO is actually producing Bombay Dreams and Spamalot later in the summer, but those are travelling Broadway shows and so we don't get to work with them. I just hope I can score some discount tickets if I'm not sick of the building by then. ;)

So much responsibility. I am *so* freaking out right now (can you hear my teenage 90210 impression?). On the other hand, the film director of The Last Samurai visited Harvard a couple o years ago to show the first premiere of his film, and he said that he started as a director of stage plays in the HRDC anyway, which is pretty much what I would be doing if I could afford the last year of college. There is definitely a tie-in here to exploit, even if we're not talking Chekov, Pinter, Miller or Inge. By exploit, I mean use to the advantage of my performing arts career, of course.

I leave for Paris and London on Wednesday, and I wish I were more prepared and rehearsed in my French. I would have liked to have spending money, fluent conversational skills, and a healthier, thinner body before seeing Paris for the first time, but we can barely afford this little luxury as it is, and I'm only going because my relatives live overseas and my grandmother is very old. Narcolepsy makes active vacations pointless, so I haven't had a true vacation in at least a year. Plus, I normally go the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade in CA in July, and now I won't be able to see my friends in California, so I might as well enjoy something else out of town, right? Must pack. But what?


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