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So, back from vacation! Actually, I returned a few days ago, but I've just been so busy working on my eBay business and playing catch-up that I haven't had any time to update.

Progess on, good and not so good:

I entered the Summer Literary Seminars Russia contest and didn't win, but it was a good experience nonetheless.

I auditioned for Project Runway, which was a disenchanting experience--I actually wrote a full disclosure on the process but it's not edited yet. Hopefully I should have it done soon. The good thing is that it hasn't discouraged me from pursuing fashion in the slightest. ;)

I've made progress on a contest entry I'm going to submit to Dark Recesses Press. I'm having difficulties deciding on which genre (or lack thereof) I want to use to try and obtain an agent; there are so many good agents, but very few of them read all of the genres in which I want to write-- fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mainstream, historical romance, YA. The problem with having so many developed ideas at once is where to spend most of my energy. I have to choose, or nothing will get done.

The Civic Light Opera interviewed me for an internship as the assistant to all four of the stage directors for their summer season. For those of you less familiar with the business side of theatre (that would be...everyone, including myself?), the CLO summer internships are some of the most competitive in the country, so I was honored to merely have a serious *chance* at the hardest slot they offer, even if my chances are very slim. I should know the results any day now, and if I don't get the position, I can start job-hunting with abandon. Joy.

Pendant Audio, one of the audio production companies to which I belong, had a casting call for an Indiana Jones serial. I absolutely LOVED the idea, so naturally, I had to audition (at the last minute, as usual). They had more auditionees than for any other serial so far, so I wasn't expecting anything, and to make the process harder, they wanted us to imitate the film voices as closely as possible. The casting results went up today and I got MARION RAVENROOD! The only female part.

This is me bragging. I am PSYCHED. Here I thought my male voices were the only halfway decent ones. O.o

So a red-letter day, to be sure. I hope I can channel that energy into many pages of enticing text.


Feb. 28th, 2006 04:21 pm
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I submitted my fiction entry to the Walrus 2006 contest on the day of the postmark deadline, which I SWORE not to do.

The winner gets a sweet workshop deal, and the fiction judge is Margaret Atwood, so of course I had to enter for posterity's sake. ;)

It feels good to have polished something to the point where I felt comfortable submitting it--because it doesn't happen that often.


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